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Photography or the Camera and I

I bought my first camera, the Minolta XG1, as a teenager and I can remember heading off with my brand new toy to the nearby animal park to take some photos of Przewalski horses. I was pretty soon into nature photography, mainly flora, but also landscapes and macro. Together with my husband, I switched to Nikon and we explored the world of black & white photography, doing our own film processing and fine prints. We did commercial work from time to time, using professional middle format cameras and studio flashes and showed the end result at some exhibitions. Nowadays, more than two and a half decades later, I am also exploring the world of digital photography with a Nikon D700.

Top left: My very first camera, the Minolta XG1 and my first 100mm macro lens.
Top right: The undistructible and very reliable Nikon FM2, again with a 105mm macro lens.
Bottom left: My first AF camera, the Nikon F90, shown with the old 80-200mm zoom, f2.8.
Bottom right: My beauty, the Hasselblad XPan panorama camera.