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Only recently, I entered the world of bird photography. I have undertaken some minor attempts before, but due to the lack of adequate equipment, the results were never really pleasing. With our new 500mm lens plus a 1.7x converter, the results are now beginning to make the hours of sitting in a bird hide worthwhile. A special tripod head made by Wimberley was used to secure the lens on the tripod and yet give it the greatest flexibility and an additional flash and better beamer to present the flying jewels in the proper light. To get initial practice, we set up a birdhouse in our garden.

'Eurasian Jay' (2010) Eichelhäher / garrulus glandarius  

I did not realize that the jay can be so cautious, always hiding behind some branches - but one day a small troop of three visited our garden and one of them would sit long enough for this frame filling portrait.

'Eurasian Nuthatch' (2011)
Kleiber / sitta europea  

Initially only the female came to our birdhouse, but after a while both came quite regularly gathering sunflower seeds - the nuthatch is in the habit of storing food, when there is plenty!

'Eurasian Spoonbill' (2011) Löffler / platalea leucorodia

In Switzerland the Eurasian Spoonbill is a very rare migratory bird and I call myself fortunate to have seen this species and at such a close distance! The not yet black bill, the dark edges of the wings and the greyish legs are features of a juvenile bird.

Nikon D700, Nikkor 500mm f4, 2x converter (f8), ISO 320, 1/800