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The Early Nineties

In the early nineties, my husband and I started to develop our own film, set up our darkroom and began to make our first fine prints, using a Beseler cold light enlarger and the Zone VI cold light stabilizer.   

'Lofoten Islands' (1992)  

It was evening on the Lofoten Islands - I could take just one more photo before changing film in my old FM2 - and then I saw the Hurtigruten, the Norwegian mail boat pass, and I took that one and only chance:

FM2, AF Nikkor 28-70mm, Ilford FP4, Beseler cold light enlarger + Zone VI cold light stabilizer, Ilford Galerie paper, Epson scan of the final print, stitched, exhibited in Basel, Switzerland, by Coiffure Onyx in 1996 (www.coiffeteria.ch).

'Common pasque flower' (1992) Küchenschelle / pulsatilla vulgaris  

This common pasque flower was photographed in a botanical garden in early spring 1992. Ilford Delta 400 (set on 320, developed in Kodak HC110) was used to underline the softness of the gentle and 'hairy' flower. I tried my best to capture the original feel with the reproduction below - still, it is nowhere near the original print.

FM2, AF Micro Nikkor 105mm f2.8, Ilford Delta 400, enlarged on Ilford Galerie paper, exhibited in Basel in 1996.

'Study' (1990)  

On the 19th of July in 1990, we developed our first b&w negative film, using the bathroom of a friend's place, where we spent our holidays. The photo below is an interior study with light, reflexions and various different materials.

Photo taken with my first camera, the Minolta XG1, Vevetar 28mm f2,8, Durst condenser enlarger, Ilford multigrade RC paper.

'Kabelvåg' (1992) Lofoten Islands, Norway  

In Norway and maybe especially on the Lofoten Islands the weather can change completely within a very short time. I can still remember the thunder-clouds that were gathering behind us, when we were photographing in the harbour of Kabelvåg and the water was yet quite and giving nice reflexions - half an hour later we would have been completely soaked, had we not headed for the next shelter.

FM2, AF Nikkor 28-70mm, Ilford FP4, Galerie paper, exhibited in Switzerland and France.